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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Title Work

We all need a little help sometimes tapping into that creative brain.  I'm certainly not one that always has to have a creative title on my pages.  I am not above using "BIRTHDAY" as a title for...a birthday page!  But sometimes you do want to have your title add a little more to the page.  That is made harder by the fact that I do a lot of similar pages.  Our family does a lot of camping and hunting, and we live in Northern MN which makes for lots of "snow" pages.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before how I despise the title, "It's SNOW Fun!".  That's where this cool website comes in to help:
You type in your word ("snow" or "winter", for example) and it expands into this awesome visual word association. This has been a great way for me to come up with some different title words and even some better word choices for my journaling.

Another challenge with titles is finding the right alpha stickers to create it, and making sure you have enough.  I probably hang onto my alpha stickers longer than I should, perusing past various sheets of them time and again because there are no Es left.  There are tons of websites that can help with this.  Try http://wordsolver.net/#! or http://www.wordswithfriendscheat.net/
Type in all the letters you have left and it will crank out a list of words you can spell with the letters.  I recently types in all the letters left from this set:
And found I could spell "deer hunt" or "hunter" which is perfect because Bekah shot her first deer last fall and I'll definitely be doing a page about that for her.
Now, I admit, this one was easier than most because not only was there one E left, there was two, which is rare.

I also tried it with this set that did not have any Es left:
Apparently I can spell "antipornography" with what I have left here.  For sure that will be my next scrapbook page title.  :)  Ok, so sometimes it's helpful and sometimes it's too overwhelming, but it's worth a try if you're otherwise stuck.

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