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Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Scrappy Goal

My 2017 scrapbooking/photo related resolution is to cull down my printed photo collection.  Here is what I'm starting with:

Twenty-eight Pioneer photo albums (200-print capacity each), several smaller albums and photo boxes with random loose prints.
All told, I have over 6,000 photo prints spanning from 1987 to 2016 (missing years 2012 and 2013). They take up an entire shelf in our living room, two books deep, with all the random stuff shoved below the bottom shelf.
What's the problem? Lots of these photos are terrible. In the pre-digital era, photos were precious so you saved them all. Then digital (and kids) came into our lives and I just plain saved too many photos.  There are a few 200-capacity albums that only hold two or three months worth of photos. Yikes. What in the world do I want to save all the bad or duplicates for? They will just be a burden to my kids when it comes time to pass them on.

Photos from my own childhood and that of my siblings are contained in a single family photo album on a shelf at my mom's house. One book. That's it. Would it be fun if there were more photos of us growing up? Probably. But this photo album is not going to be a burden to any of us kids when my mom chooses to pass it on one day.

Using this as inspiration, I set a goal for 2017 to pare down our printed photo collection. I know I love the Pioneer brand albums so I searched for a high-capacity one and found this:

I love it! It holds 500 photos and is about the same size as the Pioneer albums I use for the kids' 12x12 scrapbook pages.  I purchased four of these from Amazon.com and my goal is to purge the photo collection down from 6,000+ to 2,000 or less.

It's only a week or so into the new year and I'm making good progress. It's actually easier than I thought it would be.  So far, I've managed to cull seven of the old albums (1,400 prints) to less than 400, not even filling up one of the new high-capacity albums
I am making notes in the designated area as I go. I had done this in most of the old albums as well (which is why I couldn't simply re-use those). I may also go back and add a few stickers here and there, just for fun and also to help keep some of the smaller sized prints from sliding around in the pockets.

I plan to print photos from 2012 and 2013 which were the years I have no printed photos from (other than what I scrapbooked in each kid's album) and also to deconstruct the pocket page album I did for 2015 and 2016 since I didn't really care for that.

I am very happy with how easy and fun this project has been and how it is turning out so far.

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