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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Filling Gaps

I scrapbook in chronological order and keep an album for each of my three children, also in chronological order.  Even with planning, sometimes I goof up and end up with a gap in my albums where there is only a one-page layout to fill a two-page space. 

When I can, I solve this by creating a page that fits or nearly fits into the timeline where the gap falls.  For example, I just created this page to fill a gap in Scott's album.  It just so happened that we had these professional photos done for a church directory right in the time I was missing a page.  So I threw together this quick layout with the date and two of the photos that were "outtakes" since Scott was making a funny face, in very typical Scott fashion I might add.

I think I've talked about these title letters before but I'm going to mention them again because they are so great.  They are Woodsies brand, found at Michael's in the kids' crafting section, not the scrapbooking section.  I love the fact that they are so versatile (I stamped in various shades of blue on them for this page) and that so many come in the pack.  I have used them on tons of pages and still have plenty left.
I don't always have photos to fit the time period I need to fill these gaps.  When that happens, I take a tip from Steph and just fill the page protector with a super-cute patterned paper that I probably wouldn't use otherwise.  Like the b side of this adorable Creative Imaginations paper.  The scale is huge so I would never be able to make it work with photos on it.  But it's so cute all on it's own - it doesn't even need anything else.

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