We are Steph and Angie - sisters who love to scrapbook. We don't know design, we aren't color experts and we usually only get to scrapbook a few times a year. But, we love our families and scrapbooking our memories with them so here we are!

We'll try not to bog you down with long supply lists and explanations (half the time we can't remember what we used or it's such old stuff that you'd never find it anywhere anyway!)

Please feel free to "scrap-lift" any of our ideas that strike your fancy, and if you are a scrapbooker with your own blog, please link back to us!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fall Fest 2015

I love my title letters on this page and I do believe I picked them up in the Target $ aisle.  I have nabbed quite a few scrapping supplies from there and I am always on the lookout for different places to pick up cheap scrapping supplies.  I added the details on the letters with a Sharpie.  While Ang and I were shopping for supplies at Hobby Lobby I saw some cute letter stickers that had this design on them and I thought "why don't we ever think to embellish letter stickers and punch outs with markers.  Duh!  Super easy and it added a lot of detail to these plain craft paper letters.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Oh That Crazy Elf

We have a lot of fun with the Elf at our house!  I do most of them but the kids have been known to jump in and do it a few nights here and there.  I had so many pictures from last year's elf that I ended up making a flip page.  I added tabs on the pictures to make them easy to flip (this also prevents finger prints on the pictures themselves).  Making any type of flip page involves cutting your page sleeve to allow for flipping.  I always put the page in the sleeve and then cut where needed.  It isn't always super straight but it works!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Kallinen Christmas 2015

I bought a great kit at Hobby Lobby and did this page from the kit.  It is probably The Paper Studio brand- I believe that is what they have at Hobby Lobby.  This kit was totally my style and the page came together super easy.  I will be looking for more kits for sure!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cast = Game Over

After months and months of battling a foot injury from snowboarding Caden ended up in a cast a few days into the 2015 football season.  There were lots of tears because he lives for football.

I can't get enough of using pennants and banners on pages lately.  They are a great way to add a lot of interest to a page using only scraps.  I also like the title on this page.  I think this is the first time I have used anything other than letters for a title and it adds some interest too I think.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Caden's Science Fair

It's a good change of pace to scrap something academic for my boys!  For Caden's 5th grade science fair project he did an experiment on tooth decay.  This project involved teeth (yes actual teeth!) soaking in various sugary beverages in our fridge for 4 weeks!   It was gross and if you are interested in the results I will just warn you to steer clear of Dr. Pepper if you like your pearly whites!  It earned him 1st place though!  I don't usually do anything with certificates the kids get except maybe throw them away after some time has passed *gasp*  so it was also nice to be able to use one on a scrap book page.  It's not a very exciting page but it does serve it's purpose in documenting the memory and accomplishment.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Caden's Basketball 2015-16

Someday I will have a nice camera and be able to take good sports pictures of my boys!  I'll keep dreaming and scrapping the pictures I get with my phone till then.  My favorite part of this page is the title which I made the basketballs for myself!  Usually free handing doesn't go well for me but I nailed those basketball lines!  Haha!  That's about as good as my drawing gets!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Caden's First Days of School 1st-6th Grade

I think I have mentioned before that my sister didn't "drag" me into scrapbooking till my kids were a bit older.  This has resulted in some creative scrapping to try and get some older stuff scrapped.  This method is also good for keeping a little less bulk in the albums.  I would imagine that if I had started when my kids were little I would have run out of album storage space long ago!  I did a page for each kid for their first day of Kindergarten, a page for 1st-6th grade and then 7-12th.  This may not make sense to some but in our small town 7th graders are "high schoolers" and elementary is K-6.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Putt-n-Go Birthday

Another birthday page posted out of order.  This is the last one and then I will not let it happen again.  My delicate psyche can't handle it!  :)

I used the tried-and-true grid layout for this page, cropping five photos from Scott's birthday outing into 4x4 squares.  I created my title with star and alpha stickers, added my journaling to the bottom middle grid square, and then scattered two very small cropped photos around the title.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Camp Hiawatha 2015 - Scott

Well, the title of this page should look familiar to you.  That's because it's the negatives from the alpha stickers I used on Bekah's camp page that I posted two days ago.  Getting double the mileage out of a set of alpha stickers - gotta love that!

I ripped some patterned paper to back my vertical strip of three photos.  I repeated the vertical line both with my title and with my set of three embellishments which I cut from some camping themed 12x12 paper.  I did my journaling directly on the white space of the page background.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Camp Hiawatha 2015 - Bekah

Here is Bekah's Bible camp page from 2015, featuring the stickers I DID use from the set I talked about in this post.  I used a grid for the base of this page, but two of the photos I wanted to use couldn't be cropped to the proper size.  To solve this, I used a piece of patterned paper to fill that grid square.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Alarik's 4th Birthday

Seriously, I'm killing myself here.  I already posted Alarik's 5th birthday page and now I'm backtracking and posting birthday #4.  This is a Type A's nightmare you know.

This background paper is from DCWV Stack 8.  The black title letters are corrugated which doesn't show up in the scan at all.  I found them at Michael's. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Fest 2016 - Bekah

I love everything about Fall.  I love the changing leaves, the crisp air, the scents, the fresh start of back-to-school time, pumpkins and all the yummy baked goods that start cropping up this time of year.  These adorable Fall die cuts from Imaginisce are no exception to the Fall things I love.  I scattered a few around this three-photo layout for Bekah.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Filling Gaps

I scrapbook in chronological order and keep an album for each of my three children, also in chronological order.  Even with planning, sometimes I goof up and end up with a gap in my albums where there is only a one-page layout to fill a two-page space. 

When I can, I solve this by creating a page that fits or nearly fits into the timeline where the gap falls.  For example, I just created this page to fill a gap in Scott's album.  It just so happened that we had these professional photos done for a church directory right in the time I was missing a page.  So I threw together this quick layout with the date and two of the photos that were "outtakes" since Scott was making a funny face, in very typical Scott fashion I might add.

I think I've talked about these title letters before but I'm going to mention them again because they are so great.  They are Woodsies brand, found at Michael's in the kids' crafting section, not the scrapbooking section.  I love the fact that they are so versatile (I stamped in various shades of blue on them for this page) and that so many come in the pack.  I have used them on tons of pages and still have plenty left.
I don't always have photos to fit the time period I need to fill these gaps.  When that happens, I take a tip from Steph and just fill the page protector with a super-cute patterned paper that I probably wouldn't use otherwise.  Like the b side of this adorable Creative Imaginations paper.  The scale is huge so I would never be able to make it work with photos on it.  But it's so cute all on it's own - it doesn't even need anything else.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cousins. Buds.

This picture of Gavin & Alarik from our Moms and Kids 2015 camping trip was my favorite of the whole trip.  It makes me happy that my kids get to be so close to their cousins and I want to make sure to capture that relationship on various scrapbook pages.

I always love some plaid and the manly color palette of this one was great for an outdoorsy page.  I created my title by mounting Tim Holtz Idea-ology alphas on plain grey cardstock.  I used the same cardstock for my photo mat and journaling block.  I created the bullet points on my journaling block with big silver brads.  I couldn't tell you the last time I used a brad before this page!
I added a few fabric camping themed stickers and now that I'm looking at this page with fresh eyes I see that the tent and fire are just kind of floating out there on their own.  I need to work on not doing that as now I notice many, many times that I've done that on pages.  These are older pages that I hadn't yet posted and I do think I did a better job on my more recent batch of work.

I just started listening to Debbie Hodge's 12-lesson scrapbooking introduction on GetItScrapped.com and I'm hoping that will help me pick up a few basic design principles.  As I note in our blog header, we are not designers and don't typically follow scrapbooking "rules" but that doesn't mean I can't pick up a few pointers to improve my pages.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Moms and Kids 2015 - Bekah

Bekah's page for the 2015 Moms and Kids camping trip used up various themed papers from scrapyourtrip.com and just a few camping themed stickers from various brands.  It had been a long time since I cut photos into strips.  This is a technique that I really like the look of and two of the photos I wanted to use on this page were great for it.  In the one on this page, the slicing allowed me to highlight Bekah jumping into the lake.
 And the one on this page sets apart the girls wading in the sunset.