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Friday, October 14, 2016

Easter 2015 (x3)

You may have noticed a looong break in posting from the end of 2015 until recently.  Steph and I had decided we were tired of scanning pages so we stopped.  However, as with my personal blog, I missed writing about my pages and posting them here.  So I started up again.  I realized as I posted my pages from our most recent scrapbooking weekend that I had missed a batch of pages from that time period. 

Here are all three of my kids' pages from Easter 2015.  I used papers from a Doodlebug Spring collection that I ordered as a kit on scrapyourtrip.com.  I did some good old paper ripping on these pages - can't beat the non-exactness of paper ripping!
I notice I did not journal on any of these pages, my Achilles heel!  But I also notice there is space for it on all of them...to go back and do it, or not to go back and do it...that is the question.

Scanning pages is still my least favorite part of this process.  I am lucky to have access to a large Xerox printer/scanner at work.  It scans up to 12x11.8.  This is super annoying to me because the scan glass is large enough to accommodate even larger than 12x12 but it won't scan that large.  Why can't someone just make an affordable 12x12 scanner, please?  I know a lot of scrapbookers have to scan at even smaller sizes and then stitch the images together.  I don't even know how that works.  If you are one that does that, what program do you use to stitch and is it difficult or does the computer do the work for you?  I prefer to just deal with missing that .2 inches.

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  1. YES! Go back and add the journaling. Your future self will thank you.

    As for the scanner, I own a large-format one now. It was ridiculously expensive, but I LOVE it. Before, I used the stitch. I blogged about the software I used here: