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Saturday, October 8, 2016

21-Photo Layout!

I had a literal ton of photos that I wanted to fit on Scott's page about our trip to Rochester.  This was a trip to bring Grandma Linda to Mayo clinic and since it was nothing life-threatening, we really made a vacation out of it.  You can read the story of the trip on my personal blog here.

My first step, knowing I had more photos than would ever fit on the page, was to cull down my choices.  I still had a couple dozen so my next move was to open up Microsoft Publisher and create 4x6 blocks out of each pair of photos so that I ended up with a bunch of 2x3s.  I saved these as 4x6 ratio jpeg files and then uploaded those to Snapfish and ordered them just as I normally would a standard print.  This is much cheaper than ordering wallet sizes from any of the online photo printing services, plus you don't end up with duplicate copies of the photos that you don't need.

Once my photos came, I still had to cull a few out in order to have room for journaling and some ephemera which included our trolley tour tickets and a cutout of the takeout bag from the favorite restaurant we ate at during the trip.
Side note on the word "ephemera" - I heard it for the first time in the last couple of weeks listening to an episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast.  I really hated it when I heard it but the definition is exactly right for these items on this page.  While they are embellishments, they aren't stickers or something you could buy at the store.  So I used it.  Call me fancy.

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