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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Boys and Underwear

I mentioned in my last page post that I am glad I started scrapbooking my kid's lives right away because I don't feel as overwhelmed or "behind" as many scrapbookers do.  But I also pointed out that I don't like to be completely caught up, because I would never want to be without a project!  Well, one of the benefits of feeling on top of those "regular" pages (you know birthdays, holidays, school year, etc.) is that I can make sure I have time to scrapbook those everyday things that we don't want to forget.  This page is a prime example of that:
Winters in Minnesota can get long and the kids definitely experience some cabin fever at times.  The things they come up with to entertain themselves, especially when screens are not an option, can be pretty hilarious.  I mean, who would want to forget the time when they put underwear on their faces and heads and over their pants (oh, don't overlook the bunny ears either)! 
I sometimes get too caught up in the chronology of my kids' scrapbooks but I definitely want to remember to scrapbook these everyday moments as well.  A good reminder for me is when I start to notice that their scrapbook pages go:
winter, Easter, birthday, camping, first day of school, fall, Halloween, Christmas - REPEAT.
Then I know it's time to look back through the photos and my journals and pick out some unique things to highlight in their books.

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  1. Love it! Everyday moments (or random moments!) are so much fun to scrap and do so much to tell a complete story beyond the birthday and holiday pages.