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We'll try not to bog you down with long supply lists and explanations (half the time we can't remember what we used or it's such old stuff that you'd never find it anywhere anyway!)

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Verdict

My last batch of pages brought me to the end of 2014 for each of my kids.  As I mentioned before, I've been struggling with if and how I want to continue scrapbooking and finally decided to give pocket pages a try.

SPACE-SAVING. I think I could fit two or even three year's worth of photos in a ring binder with pocket pages
FUN - the few pages I made so far were really fun and easy to make.  I kept it SO simple, just one collection of ProjectLife cards and no additional embellishments.  I tried not to stress over photo placement and didn't spend a lot of time making it "perfect", and that was rather freeing.
FAST - To start with, I just ordered photos from January 2015 and made a couple practice pages.  I loved how quick and easy it went.  I had kept notes in a small notebook during the month as I snapped pictures just to help me remember the details.  I used those notes when it came time to do my journal blocks. 
BRAINLESS - With the notes I took to help with journaling, throwing the pages together was a breeze.  I did my first set while watching a movie with Jesse because it took so much less concentration that putting together a traditional 12x12 spread.

I found no cons that had to do with the pocket page album itself.  The only drawbacks bothering me had to do with the loss of my traditional 12x12 scrapping.  If I truly did stop doing those albums for each kid, I would have stopped with Bekah at 10, Scott at 8 and Alarik at 3 1/2.  That doesn't seem fair to my overly-concerned-with-fairness self.  But the biggest factor was that when faced with the thought of really not scrapping in that fashion any longer, I found that I would miss it too much.  I LOVE my scrapping days and weekends with my sister, mom and friend, even if they are only two or three times a year.  If I only had a couple months worth of pocket pages to work on, I'd be bored and would probably be assigned kitchen duty for the weekend.  :)  And my kids LOVE their albums.  They ask to look through them often and will even choose one of them in place of a bedtime story some nights. 

So, they may be bulky and I'm still doing three types of memory-keeping (traditional scrapbooks, pocket page albums and journals) but my decision has been to keep on with each child's individual albums and to replace blogging and photo albums with pocket page albums.

Since that first month, I have ordered prints two more times.  I think I will probably stick to ordering prints every three months, just so that I don't get too far behind.  I haven't been as good about keeping notes as I was at first so I don't want to get too far out and forget things that I wanted to journal about.

If you've been on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what I would decide...now you know! 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Tree Hunting

I wanted to scrap the finding of our 2014 Christmas tree.  Usually Jesse just grabs a tree from the woods when he's muzzle loading, but this year, on a perfect snowy afternoon, the whole family ventured out together to find the family tree.  I made a page for each of the kids using almost all the same photos and roughly the same technique/layout.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Scott Winter Fun

The last few snowflake stickers that I used on Alarik's winter page got used up here on Scott's.  I also did a similar pennant border but with pre-made kraft paper pennant banners bought at Hobby Lobby.  I used more kraft paper to mat my photos.

I've mentioned before about how nut-so I am about having my kids' books in chronological order.  I keep a list of the photos/events I have to scrap, notes about whether I last left off with a one-page or two-page spread and I consult both before I decide on a layout for my next pages.  So imagine my dismay when I went to put our last batch of scrapbook pages in the albums and found that I'd already completed the planned one-page spread of Scott's winter photos.  This is the one I did earlier.  Well...what to do...?  This isn't the first time I've done this and my preferred solution is to just leave a blank spot.  I'd rather waste one space in the album than have things out of order.  I have gone back and created layouts to fill those spaces when I can find photos that fit.  One of the things I've had good luck using is pages from photo calendars after the year is over.  I love to order photo calendars from Snapfish or York Photo, but then hate to throw away the big photos with the fun backgrounds.  Using them as page fillers has worked great on several occasions.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Bekah's 10th Birthday

Just like last year, Bekah chose to bring her BFF Corinne to Bentleyville, with an added stop at the new Build-A-Bear Workshop in the Duluth mall.  And, just like last year, I had to make sure these birthday pages didn't end up looking Christmas-y.

I love how a black background looks and it gives a great base for playing with color combinations.  I used a pack of puffy style birthday stickers on the page.  I stamped my title on card stock and added just a few stripes of patterned paper.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jade- National Honor Society

This is a simple page but when you have a certificate and one photo simple gets the job done!  I also put Jade's NHS pin on the page because really what else was she going to do with it?  I just removed the back, cut the pin part off and used a glue dot to stick it on the page.  Done!

Thursday, September 3, 2015


There's a lot of snowflakes happening on this page.  I punched snowflake shapes from white tags and strung them up for a border on the left page.  I scattered the punched shapes on the opposite page along with snowflake stickers.  Snowflake patterned paper is layered under the matted photos.  Again, I apparently didn't bother with a title, date or journaling.  One of my goals in the past has been to be a better journaler and I guess I did pretty poorly with that during our last scrapping day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Caden's Basketball 2014-15

I guess I am back into tearing paper- I notice I did that on several pages from our last scrap day.  It's just so fun and easy and I love the way it looks!  I used my paw print punch on this page to add even more detail to paper I had torn.

"Hoops" Paper- Shootin' Hoops by Moxxie
Basketball accent- American Crafts
Punch out letters- DCWV
Stickers- Moxxie