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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still Scrapbooking! - Alarik Is Three

Guess who is still alive and still scrapbooking?  We are!  Whew, it's been a long time since we had any pages to post here.  Steph and I are both turning into couple-times-a-year scrapbookers, if that!  We don't like to scrap without each other and we don't have a whole lot of free time.  On top of that, we are sort of in the "caught up" phase of scrapbooking.  Our kids are getting a little bit older which means we don't have as many "scrapable" moments - though, they are all scrapable, aren't they?  But you know what I mean.

We've posted before about our favorite weekend scrapping getaway but this winter our aunt and uncle are down south so we didn't have that option.  Instead, we scoured VRBO.com (vacation rental by owner) and found a great little cabin close to home with a big kitchen table and comfy beds...pretty much all you need for a good scrapping weekend!

I got A LOT done over the weekend.  I was able to finish a whopping 16 single page layouts and 12 two-pagers.  I also was a pretty frugal scrapper as I reused many, many of my scraps on other pages.  I came home from the trip feeling a little bit of scrapper's burn out though.  I don't feel like I completed any really good layouts that I absolutely loved while I was there.  But on the other hand, I didn't create anything that I didn't like and at this point they are all scanned and in albums and that is the goal, right?

I don't have a standout favorite of all the ones I completed, so I decided I will just blog about them in the order I scrapped them.  And of course, being about as Type A as you can get, I scrapped them in chronological order.  *Funny side-note - I spent a good portion of the weekend teasing Steph about her scrapbooking organizational checklist but when it comes right down to it, I'm just as, if not more, anal than she is.*

My first-up layout was about Alarik turning 3 years old, back in May of 2014.  I see my balloon strings were a little wonky when I scanned the left side of this layout.  Those and the rest of the birthday-themed stickers are by Jolee's Boutique.  I built the layout on orange cardstock and matted photos with lime green, teal and red layers for lots of color.  The big title letters are ArtSkills brand.  I have blogged about them before and explained that I found them next to the posterboard at Target and they are intended for quick poster-making so there is a small pad for each letter and number and they peel off the stack like a post-it note. Pretty handy for a big impact title!

I like this bright, fun layout, but my favorite part about it is the photos.  I was trying to get Alarik to hold up three fingers for three years old and he was struggling.  Those are his Daddy's hands you can see helping him out in the second photo.  Pretty precious!

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