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Friday, May 20, 2011

South Dakota 2010

As I often do, I made nearly identical pages for Scott and Bekah about our 2010 summer trip to South Dakota. I knew I wanted to cram LOTS of photos onto each of their two-page spreads, (let's face it, I probably could have done a full album on just this trip), so I had to get creative.
I did all my photo selection, cropping and sizing on the computer, choosing to work with 3" square photos. The most fun, and most tedious, part of these pages was the photo selection and manipulation. I liked how I was able to mix it up a little bit and do some 3x6 and 6x3 photos as well.

For the layout of the page, I decided to line the outside of the two-page spread with the photos and then add embellishments to the interior section. I used plain white cardstock for the background since I knew the photos would be very colorful.
Turns out that state-specific scrapbooking supplies aren't that easy to come by (note to self and others: buy some while you're on vacation if you see them!). My sister and I ended up ordering supplies from www.scrapyourtrip.com and I found the blue and white themed stickers used on Scott's page at an Archiver's store. For my journaling, I simply typed a short caption for each photo on the computer, printed them out and sliced them up to place around the interior of my page. I added dollar store number stickers to each photo to link it to its caption.

Overall, these pages are a bit busier than I usually care to do, but it was a busy trip so I guess that is rather fitting!

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