We are Steph and Angie - sisters who love to scrapbook. We don't know design, we aren't color experts and we usually only get to scrapbook a few times a year. But, we love our families and scrapbooking our memories with them so here we are!

We'll try not to bog you down with long supply lists and explanations (half the time we can't remember what we used or it's such old stuff that you'd never find it anywhere anyway!)

Please feel free to "scrap-lift" any of our ideas that strike your fancy, and if you are a scrapbooker with your own blog, please link back to us!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scott's Daycare Days

Much like Bekah's page here, I did a page for Scott showing all the fun he has at daycare with his wonderful Auntie Stephie! I wanted it to be fun and bright so I chose a multi-colored striped background. I used punch-out letters from Colorbk (again), alternating orange and red. I layered them over black so they would stand out from the colors of the background. I didn't mat my pictures and since I had a lot of them to fit on my two-page spread, I cropped them as close as possible. The letter stickers on this page are from a dollar store and I wrote my journaling on light blue cardstock that I cut with decorative-edged scissors.

Friday, May 28, 2010

PB and J

This page of Bekah enjoying the childhood staple PB&J is very simple. I remember being very proud of myself for coming up with the layout from scratch. I started with a brown background and added hand-cut sandwich and jelly blob-shaped photo mats and the title, PB&J. I cropped my pictures into ovals and adhered them to the photo mats. I added more jelly blobs and used them to write the date and a few short quotes from Bekah on.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scott Is...

I'll admit, I totally stole this page idea from a scrapbooking idea book. That's what you're supposed to do, right? I chose to do my layout in black and white and, while it's very, very simple, I think the look is rather striking.

I started with a black background that is actually fabric. You can't see in the scanned image, but it's a tuxedo-like look and feel. I cropped my pictures of Scott into squares and then cut two same-size squares to mat each of the pictures on. I rounded all corners. The title letters are from Colorbok and I hand-wrote the caption for each picture.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One Cool Dude

I love this "punk" paper pack that I got from Oriental Trading! It was perfect for these pics of my son Caden being oh, so cool and it was super easy. I matted my photos on some paper that matched one of the colors in the flames. The few accents that are on the page came with the paper pack. I placed the stickers for the title- which also came with the pack - on my picture mats. Couldn't get much simpler than that:)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had wanted to try cutting a picture into strips for some time and these were the perfet ones to try it on. I sliced up two pictures and kept two other whole but cropped them. I used a plain brown background paper and cut up different shades of brown into small squares to use as accents. I also used them as a background for my title since the stickers I choose were relatively small. The stickers are from Oriental Trading Co. and so are the butterfly, dragonfly and flower rub on that I used.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gavin's 1st Birthday

I continued the "Happy Birthday" title on the paper with some cardstock stickers to make the title "Happy Birthday to Gavin". I used a square of frosting & sprinkles patterned paper in the middle of the page and placed my photos and a present rub-on on it. I rounded the corners of the photos - my corner rounder has become one of my favorite tools. I placed a brad in each corner of the square to add some interest. The number 1's are matted on brightly colored paper and I placed small bright brads between each one.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scott's First Boat Ride

I placed these three pictures of Scott's first time in the boat directly onto a blue textured background paper from a stack by D.C.W.V. The metal letters spelling "FIRST BOAT RIDE" are from Oriental Trading Co. and I strung them on ribbon threaded through two square white eyelets. The stickers are from Joann Crafts. I don't remember where the title letter stickers came from...sorry!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cities Fun Weekend 2008

The Vikings and Fair background papers that I used in this spread I purchased at one of my favorite scrapbook stores- "Scrapbooks Too" in Bloomington MN. Living in the north woods of MN we don't get down to the cities too often, but whenever we do "Scrapbooks Too" is a must stop! (For me anyway, not so much my husband & kids- I usually leave them at the hotel pool! :) I printed out a picture of the inside of the Metrodome in an 8x10 size and matted it in purple and gold (of course!). I double matted my photos, again in purple and gold, and added a ticket from the game to the page. This is a great way to "journal" who played and the date/time of the game. The title I did in simple alpha stickers running down the picture mat. On the right hand "Fair" page, I matted two photos on the same gold paper and made a small title with more alpha stickers. For the journaling on this page I typed a list of all the different foods we tried at the State Fair and matted that on purple paper.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sucker Fishing

We've gone sucker spearing for the past few Mother's Day weekends but since it was so warm here in April, they are probably done running and we'll have to think of something else to do!

My background paper and patterned paper strips are from a coordinated set by Colorbok. I'm sure you'll start to recognize these papers because I used them for a ton of pages. I matted my pictures on white cardstock. The title is made from punch out letters, also by Colorbok, and also probably recognized because I used on one million other pages. I layered them, alternating colors. The brown, round stickers with the dates are from a dollar store.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Camping at Scenic State Park 2006

I used a variety of items that came from a couple of different paper packs on this page. It is kind of a "leftovers" page. I like to do one of these every once in awhile to get some supplies used up so that I can buy some new stuff! :) For one background page I used a solid green and ripped a leaf print paper and ran some strips of that through the page. The other background paper is a rock print. The title is made from punch out cardstock letters. The pictures are framed out in woodsy frames that are not coordinates but work well together. The vellum camping poem I purchased at a 99 cent store and attached to the page with a brad in each corner. I finished the page off with some camping themed cardstock stickers.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Our family always has a float in the local summer celebration parade and I made this page for Bekah's album with pictures from 2008. I found the patriotic flower background paper at "Scrapbooks Too" in Bloomington, MN. I pasted it over a 12x12 sheet of natural brown paper and then folded one of the corners up to show the brown paper beneath. I matter my pictures on the same brown paper. The title is made from RememberWhen brand metal alpha tags that link together with metal clips. I attached the tags with adhesive foam squares. I wrote some of my journaling info on a vellum tag and the rest is written directly on the background paper.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Woods & Water- Memorial Weekend 09

Another page about camping on the North Shore :) I chose one woodsy and one rock/water background paper for this page. For the title I used cardstock stickers matted on solid colored paper. On the left page I used a torn pine cone print vellum sheet to accent half the page. The scan cut them off so you can't see them, but I attached the vellum with brads in the corners. I matted my photos and placed them on the vellum. On the right hand page I used two solid colored pieces of paper and matted the photos on them leaving room for a journaling space in the middle.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


When Steph and I got together to scrapbook last weekend, I didn't have anything to work on (gasp in horror!). Instead of wallowing in the sorrow of it all, I decided to make some cards. I don't enjoy cardmaking nearly as much as scrapbooking pictures. It's a great way to use up scraps though and it gives you something to do when you're otherwise caught up.

I started with blank red cards that I had picked up on clearance a loooong time ago and never used. Then I pretty much just dug through my stack of letters, stickers and papers and pulled out stuff that went together. With that and a few borrowed stamps from my mom's stash, I was able to make twelve cards:

They're nothing fancy, but they work and most people appreciate a hand made card very much.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Cruise

Just in time for Mother's Day! We usually do something for Mother's Day instead of me getting gifts and last year I chose a Vista Cruise on Lake Superior. I picked blue sky with clouds for the background paper for this page. I used some blue paper on the bottom of the page, and cut it into wave shapes. I placed two pics that we took from a distance of the boat (not while we were on it!) and made a "trail" between them so that it looks like it is sailing away. For the title I mixed punch out letters and sticker letters. For the "Vista Fleet" I used some letter tiles. I used the same type of tiles to put the date on the right hand page using brads to separate month/day/year. I put my kids initials on their pictures with the same alpha stickers that I used in the title.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


My daughter was all about monkeys for awhile! For the background papers I used one monkey print and one sheet of cork "paper" I ripped yellow strips and used them to stripe the cork paper. I tore more of the yellow paper and used it for matting stickers and pictures on the left hand page. For the journaling area I had Jade draw a monkey on shrink paper and then, following the package instructions, shrunk it in the oven. This stuff is very fun to use! The right hand page I accented with monkey stamps and more stickers. I used various alpha stickers to spell monkey in several places on the page. The Bobby Jack picture I cut out of a photo, it was a close up shot of a patch on one of Jade's shirts.