We are Steph and Angie - sisters who love to scrapbook. We don't know design, we aren't color experts and we usually only get to scrapbook a few times a year. But, we love our families and scrapbooking our memories with them so here we are!

We'll try not to bog you down with long supply lists and explanations (half the time we can't remember what we used or it's such old stuff that you'd never find it anywhere anyway!)

Please feel free to "scrap-lift" any of our ideas that strike your fancy, and if you are a scrapbooker with your own blog, please link back to us!

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cousins Fun Weekend

When my sister and her husband go away for their anniversary, we always have a Cousins Fun Weekend with their kids at our house. This page chronicles our 2007 event.

I used blue and orange 12x12 cardstock for the background.
On the left-hand side of the spread, I enhanced the background with a sheet of 8.5x11 white paper that I cut a border on one side of. I added little sunbursts made with a punch as accents. The title was created with alpha stickers and the final embellishment on the page is square orange eyelets with orange sheer ribbon laced through them.
On the right-hand half of the spread, I added more sunbursts and also punched the shapes into the edges of my journaling block. I used the same alpha stickers for the date on this page and followed through with tying the blue and orange pages together by lacing blue ribbon through blue eyelets on this half of the page.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Wedding In Lutsen, MN

These pictures are from a friend's wedding in Lutsen, MN.

I started with two 12x12 sheets of gray cardstock for the background of this two-page spread. I sliced a 12x12 sheet of green and white plaid paper in half diagonally and adhered it to the gray cardstock. I rounded the cornrers of the pictures after cropping some of them and then attached them to the page with bronze star brads. I wrote my journaling directly on the background of the left-hand side of the spread and adhered a cardstock letter title to the right-hand side.

I added a strip of matching green ribbon to the right-hand side of the spread and finished it off with three groupings of bronze star brads.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Extra, Extra!

I loved this series of pictures of my daughter reading her dad's copy of Outdoor News. For the background, I copied an actual page from the newspaper and printed it out on a large-format printer.
I cropped each of the four pictures into circles and then double matted them on black and white cardstock. The title bar is a rectangle of black cardstock with white punch-out letters and an inset white rectangle with a little bit of journaling and the date.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Caden's First Day of Kindergarten

This is a pretty simple one page lay-out about my son's first day of kindergarten. The photo that I liked the best I printed out in a 4x6 size and matted. I printed three other photos out in black & white and a smaller size. I used a torn piece of paper to partially mat the black & whites on and then used some school themed card-stock stickers to add a little detail. I finished the page off by having Caden write his name on a piece of paper and attaching it to the page with brads.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Scott

This is the layout I created for Scott when he was a newborn.

I had a set of baby-themed rub-ons that someone had gotten me for a gift and I really liked the baby bottle. I enlarged the bottle and printed it out on regular paper, then cut around it and added some color to it with colored pencil. In the same gift, I had also received the "baby facts" stickers so I played off the "new product" idea for this page. I used solid blue cardstock for the background and added strips of different shades of blue to two of the edges. I wrote the word "New!" with silver giltter glue. The only other embellishments are some hand and foot print stickers.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gavin's New Do

This is what happens when I leave my kids with my sister for the weekend! But I have to say it looks good and it was something new to scrap:) This "punk boy" paper pack came from Oriental Trading. I ripped and layered black and gray paper to make my title space and spelled out the title with alpha stickers that came with the pack. I matted before and after pictures side by side on gray paper and to finish the left side of the spread I cut Gavin out of a few pictures sporting his new look. On the right hand page I printed the same picture out 4 times but each tinted a different color. I have been using a website called picnik.com lately to alter my photos and have had lots of fun playing around with it. I matted the pictures on black paper and placed a metallic silver brad in each corner. I spelled mohawk down the right hand side and finished the page off by adding some "punk" accents above the pics and a journaling block below.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pool Time

For this two page spread I bought one sheet of pool themed cardstock stickers and one sheet of 12X12 pool paper (sorry I don't know what brand) and used things I found in my stash for the rest. I cut a half circle out of the pool paper and placed it on the left hand page and used the edge for a few small photos. I matted the bigger photo on cardstock and trimmed the edge with some decorative scissors. I spread some of the stickers out on the page and added some random eyelets to look like bubbles. I used the same decorative edge scissors on the rest of the pool paper and used it on the right hand page. I placed matted photos on the pool paper and added stickers. The "splash" title I made using "shrink paper" which was really fun! I cut letters out of the paper using a Friskars shape cutter and templates and then shrunk them using the oven & the directions on the package. I finished the title off with some splashing water stickers. I used three round "bubble" tags for my journaling space.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tourny Time

One great thing about scrapping my kids sports pages is that the color scheme is easy to pick- blue and gold are our school colors. The photo on the left hand page is another picnik.com creation- it has been really addicting to me! The photo printed out with a white border that I left on and then double matted it on blue and gold paper. I did another blue and gold double mat vertically down the side of the paper and used it for a title which I stamped on using alpha stamps, basketball sticker and journaling block. The right hand page continues the blue and gold double mat. I tore a strip of basketball print paper and ran it down the middle of the page. I tucked three team photos under the edge of that paper and double matted in- you guessed it- blue and gold, a picture of my daughter and her good friend and placed it in the middle of the page. On the left side I shrunk down a couple of programs that I had saved with the tournament brackets on them and also some calendar pages to show which tournaments we went to and which weekends we went.

Friday, January 15, 2010

HOT OFF THE PRESS...er, scrap table I guess. Christmas Page!

I just made this page last weekend when Steph and I got together Saturday AND Sunday to scrap...what fun!

I combined a bunch of different ideas from the Big Book of Scrapbooking that I got for Christmas. The title, "Her eyes how they TWINKELD, Her dimple how MERRY" was done on two separate tags that I made with a tag maker. The picture of my daughter with her dimple showing fit the title perfectly! I uploaded the picture to picnik.com and played with the different effects until I found one I liked (can't remember which one...sorry!) I strung red and white fibers across the top of the page and threaded them through eyelets on either side. I hung the title tags with the same fibers, securing them with foam adhesive so they stayed in place.

Sewing on a page is something I've always wanted to do. I started by tearing and crumpling the off-white pieces, then I machine-stitched them to the red background paper, sewing in random horizontal and vertical lines with lots of back stitching. I'm very happy with the way it turned out and with how easy it was...I'll definitely be doing it again!
I finished the page with some vintage style Christmas stickers.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bekah's Manicure

Bekah loves to have her nails painted and these pages show a series of pictures of the process.

I double-matted each picture after cropping it into an oval shape. The background paper and the paper I used for the picture mats are from a stack by D.C.W.V. The printed flower brads are from Oriental Trading and so is the ribbon that I used for the bow accent.
I traced Bekah's hands and added some hand-drawn detail to them along with my title, journaling and date.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Artistic Photography by Dad

These pictures were "surprises" that I found on the digital camera one day when I was dumping pictures off of it and onto the computer. I liked the crazy angles and reflections so I decided to scrap them.I used textured cardstock to mat each of the photos after cropping them into squares. Then I used the leftover strips of textured cardstock to create the multi-colored mats for my title and journaling blocks.
Everything was kind of lost and floating on the big white background so I added hand-drawn borders to help give definition. The only other embellishments are two small "be you" stickers.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Caden Jaymes

I created this page because I had several pictures of my youngest son that I loved, but they were just random photos that didn't fit into a holiday/theme page. For the title "Caden Jaymes" I used cork alpha stickers layered over red card stock, layered over green paper. I tore the edges for contrast and ran the green paper through a paper crimper. I finished off the title by attaching photos that I cut into circle shapes using a Friskars shape cutter and templates. I cut out a slightly larger circle in blue cardstock to mat the photos on. I used a small star punch to add detail to the mat stack paper I used to mat another photo and a sticker. Behind the punched out stars I taped small squares of the green paper. I used those blue punched out stars on the right hand page on my picture title. The set of three water photos I framed out by ripping paper and making a border.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Super Bowl Party

Our annual Super Bowl Party is another family tradition. We pick the games every week all season long and whoever gets the most picks right gets to haul the coveted hand-made trophy home from the party. Even the family members that aren't so into football come to the party which is as much about the food and drink as it is football. Of course that would change if our beloved Vikings would ever get there:) For this page I used black background paper and accented with football print and textured "leather" print paper. I used my computer to make the title and printed right on the leather paper. As on my other "traditions pages" the pictures are from various years and I have written the year on each one with a photo marker. I have two journaling areas- one for regular journaling and one for recording the champion of every year. I finished the page off with some football stickers.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At The Playground

The paper I used in this spread about my kids' favorite playground is VERY textured and while I like the way it looks it was a little hard to work with. It took lots of adhesive to get things to stick to it. I used solid green for the background and ripped various sized mats & strips for behind pictures out of brown. I made the "playground" title out of metal letters that had holes for brads at the top. I used these holes to string the letters on a piece of cording. I ran the cording through some eyelets in the corners of the page and taped the ends to the back of the page. The "RP" initials (for Riverplace) I cut out of the brown paper using a Friskars shape cutter and letter templates.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter 2006

This 2-page spread was created using a page kit from Oriental Trading. I ran ribbon vertically down the left hand page and put a picture of each of my kids in the middle of the ribbon. I printed out each picture in two different sizes because I wasn't sure which size I would want to use on the page. As you can see I ended up using them both- layering the small print over the large print. The title on this page is "bubble" letter stickers on a chipboard journaling block. On the right hand page I highlighted one large (5x7) picture of our whole family out enjoying the snow. The chipboard snowflakes came with the kit and I attached these to the page with brads. I added a few embellishments that were not part of the kit- the metal mitten & hat brads, the snowman sticker and clear stickers. Page kits are great but don't be afraid to mix it up a little and make the page your own:)